What documents do we handle?

Our service covers all US documents that require a biometric photo.


U.S. Passport


Driver's License for all states


State ID Card for all states


Green Card (Permanent Resident Card)



How does it work?

3 simple steps to get your photo for ID card or passport

  • Take a photo

    Take a photo of yourself using your phone or camera. We will verify the quality of the photo and proceed to process your order.

  • Upload your photo

    Upload your photo to our website. Our system will verify if the photo meets the requirements for an ID card or passport.

  • Receive your document photo

    After a few minutes, you will receive a photo that meets the requirements for an ID card or passport. You can download it and print it out.

How to take the right photo?

Tips for taking a proper photo

Not sure how to take a picture? After each upload, our system will evaluate whether the photo has been taken correctly!

Maintain the correct distance

Hold the front camera about 15-20 inches away from your face. When using the rear camera, keep a distance of 2-3 feet.

Keep your head and body straight

Look directly at the camera and avoid leaning. Remember, portrait mode is not accepted for passport photos.

Ensure good lighting

Document photos should be taken in natural daylight, preferably near a window. The presence of shadows on the face or in the background is not allowed.

Take several photos and choose the best one

Satisfaction with the photo is the most important! Make several attempts and send us the one you like the most. We'll do the rest!

Our satisfied clients

Find out what our clients say about our service!

Jane Smith

In 10 minutes I had the perfect document photo. I recommend 👍

Allison Brown

Great that I immediately know if the photo I uploaded is appropriate.

Mark Johnson

Cheap, fast and above all hassle-free and safe!

Bradley Evans

The service 100% replaces a visit to the photographer. Rating 10/10!

What are the requirements for an passport or ID photo?

Our service creates a photo that is 100% compliant with the requirements of the U.S. Department of State. All photos are checked by our specialists to ensure that they meet the statutory requirements. Both ID and passport photos must meet the same requirements:

Exact dimensions 🖼️

Sized such that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (22 mm and 35 mm) or 50% and 69% of the image's total height from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head.

Background color 👩

Photo taken in front of a plain white or off-white background and taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance

Facial expression and clothing 📷

With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open, taken in clothing that you normally wear on a daily basis.

Questions and answers

Do you have any question? Check out the most frequently asked questions! [email protected]

Passport Photo Online serves as your digital passport photo booth, offering a seamless solution for capturing passport, ID, or visa photos from the convenience of your home. This fully automated service simplifies the process of obtaining professional-quality biometric photos suitable for a variety of official documents. Our platform not only provides a tool for snapping these photos but also offers up-to-date guidelines, sizing information, and helpful tips for various document photos, including ways to save on passport photos at retail locations.

As a U.S. citizen looking to travel, possessing a passport with a biometric photo is essential. Fortunately, with our service, you can effortlessly take these photos online, adhering to all necessary standards without stepping outside. Our online photo editor fine-tunes your photos to meet strict requirements, ensuring your travel preparations are as smooth as possible.

Utilizing our tools, you can easily upload a photo for adjustment to meet the U.S. guidelines for passport, visa, and ID photos. Our advanced AI technology ensures your face is properly centered and the background meets specifications, turning your home-taken photo into a professionally acceptable document photo. Dive into our comprehensive guide for creating perfect passport photos at home, including attire recommendations and common pitfalls to avoid.

Our app and website transform the daunting task of obtaining a passport photo into a simple, efficient process. From providing a detailed guide on taking a suitable photo to ensuring your photo meets all biometric standards with our cutting-edge software, we guarantee acceptance. Experience the convenience, cost savings, and compliance our service offers for all your passport, visa, and ID photo needs.

USA passport and visa photos must be taken face-on, with a neutral facial expression, and without glasses. Photos must be in color, taken within the last six months to ensure they represent your current appearance. The background should be white and solid, without any patterns or distractions. The photo dimensions should be 2 x 2 inches, with your head measuring between 1 - 1 3/8 inches from chin to top. High-quality prints on photo paper are required.

Creating a passport photo at home involves choosing a well-lit area, having someone else take the photo from a distance of 1.5 meters, and ensuring you face the camera directly with a neutral expression. Your entire face must be visible, and the photo should not show you wearing glasses or having a wide smile. After taking several photos, select the best one and use an online photo tool to adjust it to the required standards.

Avoid smiling or any facial expressions, ensure the photo is the correct format and dimensions (2 x 2 inches), and make sure the photo is not older than six months. The quality of the photo must be high, without any blurriness, pixelation, or damage. Also, ensure the photo meets biometric standards by facing the camera directly, keeping eyes open and mouth closed.

For passport photos, wear clothing that contrasts with the white background and adheres to official guidelines. Head coverings, except for religious reasons, are not allowed. If you wear glasses, ensure they don't cover too much of your face or have tinted lenses. Consider your future appearance too; if you plan to change your look significantly, like shaving a beard, do so before taking your passport photo.

The passport photo tool automatically adjusts your photo to meet specific document requirements. It resizes the image, changes the background to an appropriate color, and ensures the face is centered according to international standards. Advanced AI checks for common issues like unwanted shadows, ensuring your photo meets all necessary criteria for document approval.

The online passport photo editor offers numerous advantages for those needing passport, visa, or ID photos. It provides a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional photo services, allowing users to take photos in their own space and time. With the ability to take multiple shots, users have the freedom to select the best photo for submission. The built-in validator ensures photos meet all requirements before submission, offering peace of mind with a guarantee of acceptance.

You can save money by using the digital passport photo booth, which is more affordable than traditional photo services.

You can save time as using your smartphone is quicker than searching for a photo booth or photo studio.

You can choose your passport photo from an unlimited number of shots, ensuring you submit the one you're most satisfied with.

The built-in validator compares your photo against specific requirements, making adjustments as needed to ensure compliance.

There's a 100% guarantee that your photo will be accepted, eliminating worries about your US passport, visa, or ID card photo submission.

We operate in the whole terrain of the US!